Day: <span>January 21, 2020</span>

Why Opting For Pain-Free Dentistry Is The Key?

Contrary to the historical dentist procedures, which were known to be painful, the field has evolved with modern technology. You can now securely have your dental procedures at no pain at all. This has been achievable due to the availability of modern dental devices which upon stimulating the dental gums hinder the entry of pain […]Read More

Is Hing Effective To Apply On Navel During Pregnancy?

Hing or Asafetida form a vital part of the Indian cuisines, especially used as a tadka in dals and curries. Hing is obtained from the dried latex that gets discharged from the rhizome or root of the plant ferula asafoetida. It is a perennial herb which goes by the scientific name Ferula foetida and Ferula […]Read More