Month: <span>August 2020</span>

What Diet Must You Follow After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The gastric sleeve surgery procedure is a process done to reduce body weight for obese patients. The surgery involves the reduction of the stomach size by separating the top part of the stomach from the rest of the stomach. This reduces the sensation of hunger, reduces appetite, and helps you not to overeat. The main […]Read More

Appendectomy and Its Details

Appendicitis is a medical condition in which the appendix gets inflamed and requires removal. The appendix is an organ in the body that resembles a finger and projects out of the cecum, which is the beginning of the colon. The symptoms of appendicitis include the aching, which starts around below the below button and then […]Read More

What to expect when you go for a COVID-19 test?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing can be divided into two types, diagnostic viral tests and antibody tests. Both of these tests use a different kind of sample to test for different hallmarks of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, and neither of them is 100% accurate. A diagnostic viral test reveals that you are having […]Read More

Train Your Mind and Body at The Same Time!

An ancient Indian practice has been building itself into people‚Äôs fitness and wellness regimes globally. Yoga is characterized as an activity to achieve relaxation, get fitter or have a spiritual experience. However, in the last five years yoga has undoubtedly become widely popular, with yoga studios opening everywhere and gyms including group yoga classes in […]Read More

COVID Protection For Small Businesses

With the restrictions in the lockdown being lifted, a lot of small businesses are ready to get back into work. Needless to say that the work environment now will be different from the one before. More thought would be given to the safety and security of both the staff as well as the customers, and […]Read More

A New Approach to Treating Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can lead to permanent changes in the body and damage that is irreversible. The type of alcohol and how much the individual drinks can establish how much damage happened. With alcoholics, there are more factors to examine when creating a care plan. Following a new approach to treating alcohol addiction might be the […]Read More

Possible Benefits of CBD for Skincare

Cannabidiol seems to be the word of the day lately. It’s the topic of scientific studies, medical reports, news stories, and everyday conversation. It’s also a controversial subject in some circles. Regardless of the inherent negativity surrounding CBD, it’s piquing plenty of people’s interest. While a number of people turn to CBD-based products for relief […]Read More