Month: <span>June 2021</span>

How You Can Manage Bipolar Disorder Episodes

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that involves severe changes in mood and emotions. These mood changes fluctuate between mania (energetic high), joy, and sad, weary low mood (depression). Coping with an episode of bipolar disorder can be difficult at the time. Most patients experience a depressive state more often than other moods. If you […]Read More

How you can recover your physical health and enhance your

Every year we make a new resolution to stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. But, somehow we don’t follow it. Never mind, we can still work on it by taking physical therapy services. It is important that we must know the importance of physical health and how do we have to take care of ourselves. […]Read More

Scaphoid fractures: Signs, symptoms, and treatment

The scaphoid is one of eight small bones that make up the “carpal bones” of the wrist. It serves to connect two rows of bones – the distal row (closer to the hand)and the proximal row (closer to the forearm). It’s commonly injured simply due to its location.Typically, such injuries occur when a very heavy […]Read More

Why Deep Cleaning Is Important for Healthy Teeth?

Most people think that visiting a dentist regularly for check-up means they have healthy teeth and require no further guidelines to follow. This may come as a surprise to you if we say that you need to take utmost care of your teeth at home too by brushing, flossing and using a good mouthwash, which […]Read More