A complete guide for gastric sleeve surgery

 A complete guide for gastric sleeve surgery

Going ahead with a gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss is a big step. If you are considering to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, you should make sure that you are making an informed decision. Let us start by knowing what exactly is a gastric sleeve surgery.


What is gastric sleeve surgery?


Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss procedure where a part of a stomach is removed to reduce its size. The size of the stomach is reduced to one-tenth of the original size and the final shape resembles a slender sleeve. This is done to limit food intake and reduce weight effectively in a short time. You can lose up to 75% of your excess weight with the help of this surgery.


What is the recovery process of gastric sleeve surgery?


The hospitalisation after the surgery could last from a day to three days depending upon your initial reaction to the surgery. During this time you will be monitored for your vitals and any kind of post-surgery complications. Before leaving the hospital the support staff will guide you on how to avoid any complications. You would be given a diet chart to follow and would be instructed on which activities to resume in what time. 


Your life after the surgery


You will have to follow a strict diet and an exercise regime as prescribed by the doctor. Take care of what and how much food you are consuming by maintaining a log. The diet and exercise will not be a temporary arrangement, rather a lifestyle change which you will have to adapt to. You will have to give yourself some time before you start indulging in your normal day to day activities.  


Post-surgery consultation


You should continue with your regular visits to your weight loss specialists. Additionally, you can consult a dietician or a nutritionist for a comprehensive diet plan that will aid long term results from your surgery. If required, you may also consult a psychologist in case you need help in coping with your new lifestyle. It is expected that patients might face some mood fluctuations after the surgery and might need some professional help from a psychologist or a psychotherapist.


If you are considering undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, then reach out to the specialists for any information that you need before making the final call.

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