Can I get Covid after being fully vaccinated?

 Can I get Covid after being fully vaccinated?

In December 2019, a person in Wuhan district, China had been infected by a mysterious virus that never existed before. The cases then keep on rising until researchers conclude that the responsible virus is a new virus strain. They named it as Covid-19 virus. Since then, this virus has infected millions of people around the world. Not just that, it is also known to be very deadly. In fact, it has managed to kill thousands of people in almost all countries in this world. This has prompted the WHO (World Health Organization) to announce this virus as a new pandemic, meaning that it is very contagious and people need to take some measures to fight this pandemic. Since then, almost every place on this earth has to adopt a strict protocol that involves social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing masks in a crowded place and also frequent house cleaning in order to help fight this pandemic. However, following protocols is not enough. The most important thing that the world needs right now is the Covid 19 vaccine so that it can help to eradicate this problem for good.

Somewhere in July 2020, it was announced to the world that some vaccine producer companies had started their work in trying to produce Covid-19 vaccine. This news came as a very positive news at that time. By January 2021, some vaccine producers had managed to finish their vaccine production. As a result, some vaccines that are known as Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines were produced. After they were made available, a lot of countries had imported these vaccines into their country in the hope that everyone would get these vaccines shot through their own Covid-19 vaccination program. After a few months since the vaccination program has started, some individuals have managed to get vaccinated. Some other individuals, including you might still be waiting for your own shot.

One of the most common questions that people often ask regarding this vaccine is will the vaccine work? Can an individual still get infected by Covid-19 infection after they get vaccinated? The truth is, there is still not enough evidence to answer this question because the vaccination program had just started. Researchers need more time before they can agree that this vaccine is the absolute solution to all this mess. However, early signs of the use of these vaccines is very encouraging. Just look at the statistics that were provided by the use of these vaccines. It is known that all the vaccines that include Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines are very effective in helping to fight the Covid-19 infection.

Statistics have shown that the Pfizer vaccine has 95% effectiveness in protecting someone from Covid-19 infection. This effectiveness is actually very high when compared to other vaccines for other infections. Besides, the Moderna vaccine is also very effective with 94.1% effectiveness while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is said to have 80% effectiveness when used against severe Covid-19 cases. From this statistics, we can conclude that these vaccines are very effective in fighting and helping to eradicate this pandemic. However, the statistic also shows that there is a 5-20% possibility of getting infected by Covid-19 although one’s had finished their vaccine shot. Currently, getting vaccinated is the only solution to go with as being someone who is not vaccinated will definitely have 100% chances to get infected if this individual encounters Covid-19 virus. So, it is very important here to get your vaccine shot as quickly as possible in order to help protect yourself and the community from this deadly virus.

Michael Burden