E-Liquids: What Are They And What Are They Famous For?

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Ask any e-liquid Enthusiast as to why, just why, e-juice is something they prefer, and they’ll have the answer that’ll mostly be, e-liquids are quite flavorful. But, is that the only reason that you should be vaping and not smoking? Well, the answer is, no. Whilst a flavorful treat is a big bonus cookie, vaping over smoking has abundant health benefits too, like:

  • Vaping doesn’t corrupt your lungs with carbon monoxide that smoking, on the other hand, does.
  • Vaping has nicotine-free options that isn’t the case with smoking.
  • Vaping is, by far, the best approach to gradually reducing nicotine-dependence.

That said, are E-liquids just developed to help smokers minimize tobacco intake? Well, absolutely not. True enough that vaping is much safer than smoking, it isn’t however the only reason that people prefer vaping. Did you know that there are elite e-liquid manufacturing labs like the PGVG labs that formulate flavored e-liquids that are rich in the tastes of caramel, toffee, fruit punch, lemon, and much more. Now, then, isn’t it amazing?

We have tried making a proportionate guide, listed below, about some of the most tantalizing e-vape flavors that you must try and will most definitely like.

  1. Nashi Pear by Mark It

An exclusive PGVG Labs e liquid, this vape will slowly pulsate your senses with the fruity mark of Nashi Pear, a variety of Asian Pear. It doesn’t have the faintest hint of tobacco or nicotine, forbye.

One 60-ml bottle of this fruity delight costs 29.99 $.

  1. Tropic By DLYT

Loaded with the creamy abundance of the king of tropical fruits, Ripe Mango, this vape infuses raw pleasure of a citrus treat, without exposing your body to nicotine or tobacco. Its silky texture leaves a Misty taste in mouth that stays for long.

One 100-ml bottle of this Mango mania costs 34.99 $.

Now, then, we did mention e-vapes by PGVG labs offer nicotine-free formulas, that, though, does not mean that there aren’t nicotine-based vapes. Most certainly there are premium options, a few listed below, with varying amounts of nicotine. You can always pick any according to your requirements.

  1. Tropical Freeze by Salt Nic – Solace Black

With a strong cooling effect, owing to the presence of cool menthol, this Tropical delight has strong undercurrents of Apple and watermelon, packed with 25% nicotine salt.

One 30-ml bottle of this vape liquid costs 19.99 $.

Some other trending nicotine e-liquids that are too good to be overlooked include the following.

  • Mystery by Salt Nic – Air Factory – 20% nicotine
  • Pistachio by Don Cristo – 20% nicotine

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