Everything you need to know about Hijama Therapy in Dubai

 Everything you need to know about Hijama Therapy in Dubai


Dubai is a city home to several diverse activities for people across the globe. From an array of shopping circles and skin care facilities to different recreational setups are loved by many. The Hijama or cupping practice, has regained momentum in recent years. Hijama Dubai has become very popular. Read along to find out interesting insights on Hijama Therapy.

What is the Hijama Therapy?

The word ‘Hijama’, itself in Arabic means drawing out or suction. Cupping is a remedy with ancient Chinese roots. It promotes the life energy force in our body. The traditional practice of cupping therapy has been used for centuries for treatment. As the name suggests, it is done with the help of a few cups. Warm cups are used to help create a suction pull on the skin. The skin is naturally pulled upwards, and the suction energy will help cure the ailment or any illness. It breaks open the capillaries, which are the small blood vessels in the body. It will improve the blood circulation and kickstart the energy flow. It is a more holistic approach, and gentle in practice.

How Does it Work?

The suction activates the bloodstream and lymph. On a few selected points, the blood will be pulled to accumulate. To understand it better imagine how a blood clot works. Once the blood is held, it is then sucked out with a small vacuum system. Very minute and intricate incisions are made to the skin’s surface. The blood will then come out from those incisions and get collected in the cup. It will mainly draw the sluggish liquid materials to the surface. The material of the cup can vary among glass, bamboo, plastic, ceramic, etc.

Why is Hijama Good for Health?

Considerate it a form of cleansing. The process will help remove toxins from the body. The effect will permeate to other parts of your body including, the digestive system, muscles, etc. It would also help increase your immunity as the body’s natural defence will be enhanced.

Along with the physical benefits, you can enjoy a lot of mental relief with this practice as well. You can feel more relaxed and stress-free with the therapy. An internal detox will be visible the most in our skin, as all unnecessary toxins are removed, leaving your skin complexion clearer. It can also prevent serious cases of varicose veins and any internal congestion. The treatment would not just deal with the symptoms but also address the root cause of it.

Different Types of Cupping

There are different types of cupping, including wet cupping, dry cupping etc. Cupping focuses on placing the cups specifically on certain energy meridians. Precise points in the body will be targeted. There are other types, like dry cupping, where a plastic or glass cup is used. The skin will remain dry in the process as it does not involve any piercings.

What to Expect Post-Treatment?

The Hijama can help with many painful conditions like arthritis, lower back pain, etc. Clients may feel a bit lightheaded or sweaty during the process. It is normal to experience a bit of skin irritation around the cup’s edge. With trusted professionals, you can feel at ease as any residues would fade in a few days fade in a few. The number of settings required depends on an individual’s unique condition and requirements.


To sum up, doing a Hijama session in Dubai will be a new and refreshing experience. There are many holistic wellness approaches available today. So, choose them over too many drugs that can harm your body. For instance, osteopathy Dubai is a wellness practice that is a modified version of cupping, to bring back the body to its state of wellness. These practices help with pain management and overall recovery of the body and mind. So, step out of your comfort zone and explore a new world of wellness, to bring out a healthier version of yourself.

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