How Physiotherapy Provides Relief in Ageing Issues 

 How Physiotherapy Provides Relief in Ageing Issues 


With age, our body goes through a series of changes that affects our ability to move around freely, walk long distances, climb the stairs or perform simple, day-to-day tasks. Joint pains, osteoporosis, and arthritis are some of the issues that develop with age. But do you know that physiotherapy can help reduce such difficulties to a great extent? 

Let’s give you an idea of how physiotherapy works for elderly people.

The key principles of geriatric physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy is mainly concerned with improving strength and balance, building confidence and regulating mobility. Most people are under the assumption that physiotherapy helps elderly people, who have suffered a stroke or an injury, but it’s only partially true. It’s an all-encompassing process that aims to help them carry on regular physical activities with increased confidence. 

Proper physical therapy enables the aged people to stay fit and independent for long, besides reducing the risks of accidental falls. At a certain age, the body’s repair and regeneration power decreases, leading to higher chances of fractures, spinal injuries, and even permanent disabilities. With physiotherapy, one can minimize the chances of such unfortunate incidents and enhance the overall quality of their lives.

3 main elements of geriatric physiotherapy

  • Awareness and education – The licensed physiotherapists educate the aged people on how to perform their daily tasks with care, reduce risks of accidental falls and move around with increased confidence. The people are also trained in the use of various tools and equipment to enhance mobility and protect them better without taking help from others.
  • Exercise – Physical activities like walking, stretching, lifting weights and more help the elderly people improve their body’s flexibility, balance, coordination, and physical endurance. working out regularly also has some indirect benefits like reducing blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health and getting rid of obesity, which in turn, keeps the blood sugar levels and cholesterol in control. While the physiotherapists may train their clients initially, their primary aim is to make them capable of carrying out their workout regime on their own. 
  • Manual therapies – Massages and manipulations can help reduce post-injury pains or other critical issues like painful joints, sciatica, osteoporosis, and arthritis among others. 

If you’re suffering from age-related mobility issues, you can contact Care Axis to find you a certified physiotherapist, who has the experience of treating geriatric conditions. With proper exercise and manual therapies, you’ll slowly get the confidence to lead a normal, happier and longer life. After all, as long as you have the power to lead your life on your own, you’ll feel that age is indeed nothing but a number. 

For more tips on keeping your elderly loved ones healthy and young at heart, check out the tips in the infographic below!


For more tips on keeping your elderly loved ones healthy and young at heart, check out the tips in the infographic below!

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