Improve The Look Of Your Nose And Eyelids

These days, facial features can be easily changed. That is also the case with eyelids and nose, and these procedures are known as rhinoplasty procedure and eyelid surgery procedure. After these surgeries, the results that you achieve will be permanent. Your face will have the look that you wanted, as it will be more balanced, symmetrical and refreshed.

Nose procedures

The nose is a significant feature of the person’s face, and improving its shape and size will affect the look of the face. This surgical procedure will also focus on other facial features, so your nose can be well-balanced with them.  The surgeon will fix the bridge on your nose, nostrils, deviated septum and many more. There are different surgical techniques that can be applied, depending on your goals.

Nose procedure is sometimes performed from health reasons. Skin cancer is one of the issues that must be fixed with the surgical procedure. This surgery will most probably affect the look of the nose, so the nose reconstruction surgery Sydney according to Dr Hodgkinson is the best option in this case.

Your nose will look natural after nose reconstruction surgery

The nose reconstruction surgery will address defects after nose cancer surgery, and those defects can be small wounds or massive tissue loss. Nose reconstruction surgery is also performed in cases of nose trauma or congenital malformations. The procedure will achieve the natural look of the nose that will be in a good ratio with your face.

Eyelid procedure

This procedure is created for the very delicate skin around the eyes, to correct the wrinkles, sagging skin, and fat tissue. The medical term is blepharoplasty, and this procedure will focus on your upper and lower eyelids. Creating your skin tight, by removing excess parts of the skin and fat tissue, your eyes will get an improved look, which will make your appearance more youthful.

During the double eyelid surgery Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson, the surgeon will create small incisions, where he or she will make those corrections that we mentioned above. These incisions are carefully made, so they will not be visible after the recovery period.

Fix both of your eyelids with one procedure

The recovery period lasts usually around two weeks, while the stitches can be removed after a week. Swelling and bruising are common for the first few days, and you will be advised to apply some cold compresses for the first two days, and if it’s necessary, the doctor will prescribe some pain killers.

You will have to wear bandages, which will be placed over the incisions, but they will be removed after several days. After 10 days, most people return to normal activities, and after two weeks, the bruising and swelling should resolve.

Final word

You don’t have to be unsatisfied with your nose and eyelids anymore. These procedures can correct almost every issue but will have to have realistic expectations. Ask your doctor everything you want to know, and check the before and after photos to see how your results may look.

Michael Burden