Is it possible to get headaches from dental implants?

 Is it possible to get headaches from dental implants?

Many patients are concerned that the dental implants they have are hurting them. It makes sense to be worried, given how common dental issues are related to headaches, particularly if the symptoms start following the implant’s placement. To find out if dental implants are to blame for your migraines, continue reading the information below.

Does it Really Cause Headaches to Have Dental Implants?

Untruly, headaches are thought to be a side effect of dental implants. Though it will take some time for the operation to recover, headaches are not a frequent side effect of the dental implant procedure. One of the following factors may be to blame if you experience headaches following your dental implant procedure:

1) An infection

One sign of an illness includes headaches. Migraines start to occur when the illness gets bad enough to start affecting the brain. In the event that you suffer any unexpected symptoms, such as a headache, fever, severe discomfort, or excessive bleeding, get in touch with your dentist office on 5th street.

2)A postoperative issue

The possibility of nerve injury during surgery exists, despite its rarity. Even though we have a lot of experience doing this treatment, there are risks involved. Please get in touch with the implant surgeon as soon as possible if you experience ongoing neck or head pain.


TMJ dysfunction in your jaw, which is unrelated to the dental implant process, might result in neck pain and headaches. Let your dentist know if you think your jaw is out of place or tight if you do, so they can help you with the Dental Implants guidance.

Possible Symptoms Your Headache May Be Linked to Dental Problems

It can be challenging to identify the origin or trigger of headaches because they might be signs of a variety of conditions. There are many different strategies to deal with headaches. The majority of patients say it feels like a dull ache that begins between the eyes and moves toward the ears. One side of the head may experience localized pain, or the pain may be generalized and felt throughout the brain. It could be ongoing or come in bursts of sharp or throbbing pain.

The following symptoms and indicators may appear before or after headaches brought on by dental issues:

  • Toothache
  • a headache behind the eyes
  • Bruxism
  • popping jaw (TMJ)
  • aching jaw muscles
  • the scalp’s sensitivity

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