Is Orange Juice Good For Constipation?

 Is Orange Juice Good For Constipation?

Are you struggling with constipation? Bloating and discomfort are the nasty side effects of this problem. If you are suffering from constipation on a long-term basis, you stand the risk of sustaining damage to your digestive tract and liver. There are many over-the-counter medications available along with home remedies that can bring some sort of ease to the situation. But there is another solution you can try that is sure to bring you relief, and it’s just one, simple ingredient. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s quite common and it may be a staple in some people’s diets and lifestyle. The answer is orange juice.

It may seem unexpected, but orange juice can actually provide ease from constipation. Now the question is, “how does orange juice ease my constipation?”. Well, this fruit juice is packed with essential dietary fibre. Fibre plays a crucial role in our digestive system, especially with bowel movements. When there is a lack of fibre in your system, it causes problems in the digestive tract. Fibre is essential for maintaining good gut bacteria in our digestive tracts. These good gut bacteria or gut flora are responsible for keeping the intestinal tract healthy and functioning optimally.

Not only is the fibre found in orange juice a great remedy for constipation. It can also help relieve and prevent many other ailments. Fibre sustains gut flora which can help prevent blood sugar spikes in the body from eating a meal high in carbohydrates. It can also help with reducing your cholesterol levels. The fibre in orange juice is claimed to assist with drawing water into the colon and increasing the size of your stool and increasing the speed at which it moves through the intestinal tract. This increase in speed comes from the stimulation orange juice provides by promoting more peristaltic activity. This activity is responsible for passing food through the colon and eventually dismissing it from our bodies entirely.

You can get a healthy intake of fibre from orange juice by implementing it in your diet, or by supplementing it. There are some great dietary fibre supplements in the UK to choose from one of the best is Fybogel Hi-Fibre Orange. This supplement provides a simple and suitable way of getting more fibre into our systems, making sure that it functions optimally and providing gentle relief from constipation in a natural manner. It is inexpensive and easy relatively easy to find.

This product is suitable for all ages and is water-soluble, allowing for easy absorption. It treats constipation while eliminating the discomfort and other negative symptoms associated with it. Eventually restoring you to having a fairly regular schedule. This supplement can be taken whenever fibre is needed by the body for constipation treatment or overall gut health. However, it should be avoided if you are experiencing any muscle weakness in the abdomen or intestinal blockages. It is recommended to take twice a day with adults consuming one sachet per serving and children consuming one teaspoon per serving.

Michael Burden