Sober homes for recovering addicts: The path to long-term recovery!

 Sober homes for recovering addicts: The path to long-term recovery!

Rehab treatments have helped thousands of people in avoiding their dependence on drugs and alcohol. Maintaining abstinence from substances/alcohol is as important. At a rehab, individuals are expected to go through an intensive program, where they are subjected to treatments, counseling and other means, which help in starting a sober life. However, life after rehab is not always easy. Former addicts have a hard time finding their way into the real world, often because people around don’t treat them normally. With The Recovery Place sober living, you can do better. Recovery homes aid with transitional living and offer a structured environment for recovering addicts, so that they don’t go back to their old ways.

Do I need a recovery home?

Well, just because you are coming out of a rehab doesn’t mean that you have to live in a sober/ recovery home. Think of this as a supplementation program to aid long-term recovery. People go to recovery homes, so that they don’t have to deal with the consequences of coming out of a rehab. This is a true fact for first-time addicts in particular, who are just not sure of how to manage their life after completing an intensive program for addiction. With recovery homes, they have what’s called the transitional living environment. Whether you should join a recovery home or not is a personal choice, but when you don’t want a life based on the consequences of your past actions, this is a good way to get back to the normal world.

What happens at a recovery home?

Most recovery homes offer an environment, where you will be offered all kinds of support to aid recovery and keep on the path of abstinence. Typically, individuals get direct assistance and support from counselors, and there is also a mix of group activities and tasks, which helps former-addicts in accepting their new life. Unlike a rehab, recovery homes are not as intensive, but you can still expect a few dos and don’ts. In fact, you will have to follow the protocols, but the focus is more on your emotional and mental wellbeing, besides physical state. Also, recovery homes do have some program that enables people to get back to fitness and nutrition – aspects that are often ignored in the process of recovery.

If you have never visited a recovery home, consider finding a few after your rehab. Take an appointment to know how they can help.

Michael Burden