Weighting with Roids – a simulator with which you can achieve all your goals

 Weighting with Roids – a simulator with which you can achieve all your goals

Weighting – a simulator with which you can achieve the following goals:

  • Increase running speed. When running, weighting agents create an additional burden on all body systems. The body is forced to find additional reserves to overcome the new load. When the athlete takes off the weights, he runs faster.
  • Muscle training. Running is an aerobic exercise that makes it hard to build muscle. Weighting Roids at Maxlabs.co add a piece of power load to the run.
  • Preservation of muscles during the drying period. When losing weight, an athlete tends to lose part of his muscle mass.
  • Increased muscle tone. Weighting is a tool for men and women who want to tone the body.

Improve health. Throughout the history of development, man has been in motion, there was almost no sedentary work. At the beginning of the 20th century, 80% of representatives of European civilization were engaged in mobile labor. Now it is only 20%. The muscles that were created for constant work, do not get the proper load, degrade and pull the whole body. Running with weights is a way to improve mental and mental health.

Weighting Harm

The harm of extra weight when running is the improper use of weighting compounds, which entails the following consequences:

  • More often – the athlete already had varicose veins, and running with weighting agents accelerated the development of the disease. Less commonly, varicose veins are acquired as a result of training with weighting agents.
  • Bruises, sprains, dislocations, fractures.
  • The harm of weighting agents is either a consequence of improper use, or training in the presence of the following diseases:
  • Varicose veins. With varicose veins, running with weighting agents is prohibited.
  • Cardiovascular diseases. With serious heart problems, you can’t run.
  • Kidney problems or serious problems with other internal organs.

How to train with weights?

Weighting is a simulator that must be used as follows:

  • Run the simulator for 2-3 weeks before using the simulator. The body must get used to the load. He should get stress, but not excessive. Otherwise – overtraining, the development of diseases.
  • Weights weighting is increasing very slowly. We do not succumb to the desire to buy a heavy weighting vest, put it on ourselves, and, hunched over, run a half marathon. The consequences will be disastrous. Start with light weighting materials weighing 0.5-1 kg.
  • Mounting weighting agents on legs is more traumatic than using weighting materials for hands. Most lovers need hand weights, as they include all the muscles of the top of the body. Leg weights give a slight advantage in lower body workouts.
  • Before using weights, learn the technique of running. Against the background of great fatigue, you can stumble and get injured.
  • Weighting materials significantly complicate the training. Start your usual race in slow motion, otherwise you risk not getting to the finish line.

Running with weights. Training program

These schemes will allow you to smoothly enter weighting in running training:

We continue to gradually increase the weight of the weighting agents until the result satisfies you. Going beyond the 10 kilogram mark makes no sense.

At the later stages of the training, running with weights must be alternated with jogging without them. The muscles will be able to relax, and the athlete will be able to see the result of training and be inspired to use weights further.

Paul Petersen