What is a Carrier Oil and how does it work?

 What is a Carrier Oil and how does it work?

Carrier oils can be any oil that is used to make CBD oil from CBD isolate, or distillate powder. These oils help to create products that are stable and easy-to-use with additional health benefits.

To create CBD products, one can use CBD isolate or CBD distilate. These products contain a high level of CBD and are not suitable for direct consumption. Even if CBD is extracted using CO2 extraction, it will still produce a high-concentration product with low bioavailability. This would make it difficult to consume for its health benefits.

Because CBD is naturally water-soluble in oils it is common to dissolve it in oil to make a product. Carrier oils are oils in which CBD extract or CBD isolate are dissolved.

CBD Carrier Oils and Their Impact

It is important to understand that CBD distillate, or broad-spectrum CBD, is rich in terpenes and polyphenols as well as essential oils. These compounds are volatile and can quickly degrade. However, carrier oils reduce their volatility and increase stability.

Carrier oils can also increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of CBD products. Sublingual CBD oil is most commonly taken. A portion of the CBD would be absorbed quickly. CBD carrier oils can protect CBD from the harmful effects of gastric juices by allowing another portion to enter the intestines.

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