COVID Protection For Small Businesses

 COVID Protection For Small Businesses

With the restrictions in the lockdown being lifted, a lot of small businesses are ready to get back into work. Needless to say that the work environment now will be different from the one before. More thought would be given to the safety and security of both the staff as well as the customers, and to ensure the same, we have a guide for you to refer to.

How to restart your business post COVID?

  • Understand employee requirements and concerns

If work from home is still a feasible option then the business should be run virtually. There are also travel restrictions and health concerns that your employees might have. If you have an open discussion with them and find out the root cause of problems, that will help you plan better.

  • Standard safety measures

Be it wearing a mask, gloves, and sanitizing the hand or avoiding closed air circulation via the air conditioning system, you must look into the basic safety measures to avoid the spread. These safety measures are essential so that your business is deemed safe during the pandemic. If your customers see that you are following all the necessary precautions then they are more likely to transact with you.

  • Use disposals

Be it PPE toolkits, gloves, etc. if you can use disposables for your staff then it will be appreciated. But it is essential that you dispose of the items in an appropriate way so as to avoid pollution. Every business will have different requirements. A bakery will have different needs than that of a clothing store. Check your local guidelines to understand more about the same and then comply with the guidelines and procedures.

  • Disinfect your workspace regularly

This has always been essential but given the current situation, it is more important that you do the disinfection with the right liquids. Clean the surfaces and all commonly visited areas regularly. If you provide a service then keep ample time between 2 customers so as to re-sanitize the entire workspace before the other person visits.

These small steps will help local businesses in the long run in order to provide continued and uninterrupted services. You can find all the essential items at that will help you get back into the business. There is a long way ahead and you need to make through one day at a time.

Paul Petersen