STD Testing Singapore: How Painful is a male STD test?

 STD Testing Singapore: How Painful is a male STD test?

A male STD test is a checkup to see if a man has any sexually transmitted diseases. This includes gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and many other infections that are often silent in nature as they do not have noticeable symptoms. You may view more here:

The only people who will know that you have an STI or STD are yourself and your partner (if the STDs show symptoms or if you remain sincere enough to inform your partner). If you are already contemplating STD testing, Singapore is one of the places you may fancy visiting if you’re looking for affordable, all-round STD testing and treatment.

How painful is an STD Test?

STD testing in Singapore is relatively painless and quick. The doctor may take a few cells from the urethra of the patient, which should not hurt. 

If there are any other tests being done, they should not cause you too much discomfort, but you might feel a little embarrassed if this is a new experience for you. You can ask your doctor beforehand if he knows how to perform these examinations in an office setting so there will be no surprises when it comes time for testing.

So if you’re concerned about how painful your STD testing in Singapore will be, the most straightforward answer is; the male STD test itself should not be too painful. However, anything related to sex can be embarrassing enough from time to time.

There are a few things you need to consider when going for a male STD exam: there may be blood tests that can hurt a little bit less than urine tests. Also, make sure the technician collecting the samples has been trained to be gentle around your private parts. Sometimes, they might need to stretch it out for close inspection, which can hurt a little bit more.

Where can you get an STD Test in Singapore for Men?

You can get your male STD testing in Singapore at Dr. Ben Medical clinic. It is one of the best clinics providing STD testing among other sexual health services such as treating fertility issues etc. 

There are many different kinds of doctors who offer STD testing in Singapore, but not all of them will carry out the same tests or the same procedures on the patient. A good doctor should have years of experience, proper certification, and training before he is allowed to treat patients with sexually transmitted diseases or infections. 

You can ask your family doctor if he knows about any good clinics that carry out these specialized examinations. The best way is to keep asking until you find someone you are comfortable with. The only person who should touch your private parts is your doctor. Here are a few more things to keep an eye on when looking for a doctor to help with STI testing:

  • Ensure the doctor has proper certification from a recognized institution
  • Find out how much experience he has dealing with patients who have these kinds of problems before going into his office. If it is a new physician, consider going elsewhere if he does not know how to handle delicate matters like these. 

What are the Different Types of Tests used in an STD Examination? 

There are several tests used for STD testing in Singapore. The specific test that would be recommended for you will depend on the STD your doctor suspects you could be struggling with based on your symptoms or risk factors. The common types of STI test procedures include: 

  • Blood test: Blood samples are taken from several parts of the body to see if there are any abnormalities present in various organs such as kidneys, liver, or spleen. 
  • Urine test: A sample is taken from urine using a cotton swab. This test is usually done to check for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.
  • Swab: A few cells are taken using a cotton swab from different parts of the body, such as the throat, urethra, and rectum. These samples might be sent to laboratories for further analysis.

How do I tell my Doctor I Want an STD test?

We get it; we know how uncomfortable it can be to talk about STDs. The computer screen making direct contact with the doctor’s eyes and asking for an STD test may feel like a plea for help in some cases, but we know you need this exam if you want to get better. 

It’s always best to take care of your health in a healthy way to keep yourself safe and protected in the future. To tell your doctor, you want an STD test; put the request in clear, concise terms. Say something like:

“I’m worried about STDs. I need to be tested.”

Your doctor will help you get the best possible examination results for STDs so that you can know your status and take better care of your health in the future. And this process should not be painful or feel like an interrogation; it’s an open discussion between two healthy people who are both concerned with their own personal health.

What to do when preparing for STD Testing? 

When going in for an STD testing in Singapore, try not to worry about it too much because there isn’t much that can go wrong. You should know by now that you have been exposed or infected by a sexually transmitted disease, so there are only two possible outcomes for this test. 

Either you’re clean, or you have an STD. The sooner you know which one it is, the sooner you can start to take better care of your health and do something about it if need be.

What Questions will they ask me during STD Testing?

When you go for STD testing, your doctor may ask some very direct questions—but don’t let that intimidate you because they’re just trying to make sure that the tests are as accurate as possible. They’ll probably ask some standard questions like: 

  • “Do you currently have any symptoms?”
  • “Have you engaged in any form of unprotected sex with multiple partners in the last six months?”

These are pretty standard questions, even though they might feel a little uncomfortable at first. If you have any symptoms, the doctor will want to know about them so that they can test for the right diseases. If you’ve had unprotected sex with multiple partners within six months, then your doctor will probably recommend an STD test if it’s not something you’ve already requested.

The Bottom Line

STD tests are not necessarily painful, so it’s nothing to worry about. If you have any questions about your symptoms, please call us at +65 8881 2344, so we can help you identify what’s wrong and how to treat it.


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