Top Five Online Psychiatry Consultation Platforms

 Top Five Online Psychiatry Consultation Platforms

What is mental health? It is a condition of well-being when the person is fit to realize his/her potential, can cope with minor stress, and becomes productive for the community. What is a mental disorder? A mental disorder synonymous with mental illness is a behavioral pattern that causes disbalance in the person’s functioning more often mentally. Psychiatry is the treatment of mental illness. The pandemic has created chaos in the lives of people. In the unforeseen lockdown, people came up with new mental disorders. Some of the best sites to get your online psychiatry consultation are:

  1. Docterz – Online Doctor Consultation

Docterz is an online platform that is in the limelight for its services. It is an all in one portal where you can find every specialist in the doctor panel. Docterz is well equipped with services like online consultation, waiting room, a record of follow up appointments, and several other benefits. You can consult psychiatrist online, on the portal of Docterz. You can use services of Docterz in the app available in androids and IOS or at the web portal.

  1. MDlive

MDlive is a platform developed especially for the treatment and therapy sessions for mental illness. This portal provides online consultation along with proper counselling and prescription management. You need to register yourself at the site, and you are ready to take their services. The team of MDlive consists of the best psychiatrist and counsellors. You can consult the doctor or the counsellor as per your requirement.

  1. Amwell

Amwell is a set up specialized in physical and psychological aspects of health. It is one of the most preferred online psychiatry platforms, as the team is available 24/7. You have to create an account for free and choose your doctor or counsellor as per your requirement. Amwell does not render services at subscription. The panel of doctors constituted by the best psychiatrist.

  1. Online-

If you or anyone around you is suffering from cognitive behavioural disorders, you should check, this site is excelling in online psychiatry. The portal is well-equipped with doctors and counsellors to deal with minor disorders too. The site provides a secure payment gateway. The panel is available 24/7. The site is working to enhance the awareness at about mental illness, and the doctors offer 30 minutes live chats and has the option of messaging.

  1. 7 cups

Among all the above listed online psychiatry platforms, 7 cups is one of the best and versatile portals providing best psychiatric consultation and counselling sessions at affordable prices. The panel is available for 24/7. People dealing with social anxiety, addictions, bipolar disorder, depression, etc., are the primary concerns. The platform also offers online moral support through trained volunteer speakers.

People have faced mental illness problems during COVID situations. Several people went into isolation and faced depression due to unemployment, bereavement, and so on. Due to the lockdown world being caught in visuals, some people decided to develop online applications and portals to help the needy. Among all of the above-mentioned online psychiatry platforms, Docterz is gaining more popularity.

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