Clare Louise

How Does Nicotine Effect The Brain?

What is nicotine? Where does it originate? A chemical compound accessible in several forms, nicotine is composed of nitrogen and is created by several different types of plants, obviously including the tobacco plant. Nicotine is found in many parts of the tobacco plant but largely in the leaves. The plant and the compound were named […]Read More

Now Be Stress Free With The Help Of Schisandra Extract

The connection between diseases and medicines is quite common and it is a general consideration usually understood by the people of all age. There are wide ranging diseases taking place in the life of a human being and their possible medications are also available for the same to keep them fine. There are various extracts […]Read More

The importance of progressive overload

Training and getting a better physique have always had some myths and posible untruths associated with them in order to sell information and products;  these lies continue to this day with cherry picked studies and folk science, otherwise known as ‘broscience’. However, one of the elements of training that everyone can depend on in terms […]Read More