Pain management remains one of the pillar stones of the Denver spine and pain institute. We are trained in all kinds of pain relief specialties. From the best medical schools around the world, we deal with the best medical equipment in the industry. We are part of our patient’s pain relief efforts from the start till they get treated. We offer all packages in full pain management of our patients. By this, they are fully monitored throughout the process of treating the pain. We are with our patients till they are completely free of such pain.

Some of the pain relief efforts we undertake include Musculoskeletal disorders. These are injuries we get from your nerves, cartilage, muscles, joints, and so on. All this can cause different pains like shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist and hand pain, hip pain, and many more.  In all these regions we sometimes feel the pain that is temporary other times acute ones that can stay long. We in the Denver spine and pain institute offer full-time pain management which is one of the benefits of being our patient’s we are with you all the way.

Shoulder pain is a part of musculoskeletal disorders. While our shoulder allows us to move our hands frontward backward upwards as well. It can be excruciatingly painful trying to do that with our shoulders dislocated or in grave pain. At our institute with our pain management, we administer treatment accordingly. Based on what we see it could be physical therapy, medication, injection, or regeneration medicine we give them separately and sometimes we combine for more effectiveness.

There are basic causes of shoulder pain such as dislocation, injuries, sometimes it could be as a result of overuse of the shoulder. Overtime starts to feel pain in the shoulder due to the overuse of the shoulder. The injuries sustained in some cases contribute a lot to the pain especially when not well treated. All this can be avoided if people would make use of our pain management where all such pain is taken care of at the very first instance till we are certain that our patients are free of pain.

Michael Burden