The Basic Use of Compression Garment 

 The Basic Use of Compression Garment 

When we talk about compression garments, we understand a term that includes the garments that keep the body tightened to prevent or lessen the pain from the trauma of bad occurrences. It is difficult to cure some diseases carrying a lifelong or long-lasting impact on the body parts, but mitigating the pain is easy.

When we talk about a compression garment and its usage, we mean that this garment or piece of cloth is preferred by doctors to patients who suffer from somebody injuries, particularly lymphedema.

Causes of lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition in which pain occurs in a particular location of a body due to unusual jutting of lymph inside the body and making the area look expanded. It becomes difficult to use the area and one lives in pain.

The cause of occurrence of lymphedema is somehow connected to the treatment of cancer. Cancer treatments leave a negative impact on the lymph system. When a cancer Tumour gets bigger, there is a need to remove it from the human body, which results in the removal of lymph nodes. As a result, fluid builds up in the body tissues and disrupts the routine normal life of the individuals.

How lymphedema is relieved with compression garment? 

 Thanks to various equipment and methods which relieve pain and put a patient or sufferer at ease. With the help of compression garments, squeeze sensation is provided to the lymphedema location, ensuring the normal living of the patient.

Benefits of compression garments on lymphedema

There are designs for various compression garments for lymphedema. A patient with lymphedema can seek the advice of his consultant regarding the type of wear he should use to relax the symptom, which depends on the level of swelling. A patient can benefit from compression garments as follows:

  • Compression garments are said and known to decrease the pain suffered in lymphedema. By applying pressure to the diseased area, helps build up the fluid flow to a draining area, helping body muscles to pump effectively the build-up fluid away.
  • There are different types of garments for arms, chest and legs. These are prescribed by a doctor after looking at the site of the disease and the level of pain experienced by the patient at that time.

The Right Use of Compression Garments

With the careful use of these garments, it is possible to achieve a normal life just like other healthy individuals can. It is sad to glimpse oneself disabled due to lymphedema or any other body affecting disease.

But with the proper practice of tips concerning the use of compression garments, lymphedema is no issue. The tips on how to use the compression garments are given as follows:

  • When applied to arms, it should be folded slowly towards the joint area of the arm. A doorknob or hand can be an alternative to help stretch the arm and place properly the item on the limb.
  • One should refrain from applying any cream or moisturizer to the location of the diseased part before putting it on the garment as it serves no good. Compression garment is not able to positively compress the area because of the effect of the cream on the area of swelling.
  • In case one urges to apply a cream or moisturize the site, it should be done at night and that too after removing the garment.
  • These garments should be washed properly, keeping them away from dirt, insects and other degrading creatures.
  • Make sure there are no creases in the garment, it should be flat and cover the entire area of swelling.

In all the cases, the above mentioned steps are a surety against improper use of compression bandages.

Michael Burden