The Difference Between Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

 The Difference Between Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry


While both of them might seem same, in reality they are not. So, as a patient when you are visiting a dental clinic, you should be aware of the differences between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry. You should now what you want out of the treatment. It is important for the patient to be aware of the problem and what method will the dentist be following to get their patients the desired results.

For those who are unknown to the differences between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry should now that cosmetic dentistry focuses much upon how to make one’s teeth loo better. The standard procedures adhered to for this purpose is teeth whitening and veneers. Aesthetic dentistry on the other hand focuses on how to treat dental problems so that not only is the dental issue being addressed but also by how addressing the dental issue will help in making one look and feel the best. Aesthetic dentistry thus works towards improving the teeth from a functional standpoint apart from making them appear beautiful.

The difference between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry not only lies in the processes and treatments but also in the outcome. Dentists offering aesthetic dentistry makes use of modern dental treatment techniques. The primary goal is to make the result appear natural. They are more inclined towards offering root canal treatment regular cleanings teeth restoration with fillings and bridges for ma king the teeth appear more healthy. The focus is on providing the patients a good oral hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry on the other hand involves the use of advanced and invasive procedures for ma king the teeth appear well cared for and perfect. The dentists offering cosmetic dentistry includes the use of techniques like veneers, braces, teeth whitening to make your teeth appear brighter and whiter. If you have crooked teeth then cosmetic dentistry might resolve that problem too.

The truth is it is hard to differentiate between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry. Both are often used interchangeably, wrongfully of course, as both are very much different from each other. For any common person both might appear to be same thing. So, one will not be sure as to which treatment will serve their purpose. There is where the need for consulting an experienced dentist comes into the picture. A dentist will be aware of the find difference between the two and would administer the right procedure for the patient after realizing what the issue is. Identifying the dental issue is the first thing that will decide whether cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is to be applied.

For the best results consulting an experienced dentist is of prime importance. It is the expertise of the dentist that will be the deciding factor. A well-qualified dentist who understands the benefits of both will be able to analyze the outcome better and will employ only the specific technique that would guarantee best oral hygiene and a overall dental well-being. Good oral health leads to a better life. So, choose wisely.



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