Cosmetic Dentistry Capitalizing On Our Insecurities

 Cosmetic Dentistry Capitalizing On Our Insecurities

In our modern world, where looks and appearance have become a more significant concern, people will always go a mile extra to boost their general outlook. cosmetic dentistry Shawnee, KS is one of the most accessible routes many are considering, thanks to its safety and affordability. Additionally, professional cosmetic dentistry can be confidence-boosting when approached the right way. So, what’s cosmetic dentistry, and why is it capitalizing on our general insecurities?

Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

Ideally, the cosmetic industry is a means to improve the general appearance or aesthetics of your teeth and gums. Dental health experts consider it more as a way to beautify your smile rather than restore or treat any form of dental problem.

Similarly, most patients who choose to utilize cosmetic dentistry are more concerned about improving their smiles. In other quarters, it’s seen as a fountain of youth as it relieves anxieties about one’s appearance and station in life. The typical cosmetic dentistry treatments include;

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are creations of a dental laboratory made with a strict resemblance to natural teeth. Veneers are directly bonded to the teeth surface using a bonding material. They help to cover teeth structure impairments such as fractures and discoloration.

Teeth whitening

Lack of proper dental care will often lead to your teeth losing their original white color. Sugary foods like sweets, tea, and coffee also cause teeth discoloration. To get rid of this irritating color, you need expert cosmetic dentistry. This dentistry focuses on eliminating the color and any other stain using a whitening agent.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are tooth caps placed on the teeth. They can either be from a pure ceramic material, porcelain, or just a metal alloy. Dental crowns are mainly created purposely for the restoration of the teeth structure and protection of weak teeth. In other cases, they are also used to cover discolorations.

Dental Implants

Dental implants involve the insertion of titanium replacement teeth roots into the bone socket of a missing tooth. When the missing tooth’s jawbone heals, it strengthens the implant to provide a good and solid foundation. The benefits of this and other cosmetic dental procedures include;

·       An Improved Appearance

Having stained or discolored teeth is a nagging problem that affects how you socialize with other people. For instance, you may face a hard time smiling even when someone cracks a joke. Cosmetic dentistry solves this problem through teeth whitening and dental veneers.

·       Boosts Self Confidence

With dental bonding and dental crowning, you don’t have to fear for your discolored or chipped teeth. The two improve the appearance of chipped or cracked teeth, granting you the self-confidence to laugh again.

·       Improved dental health

Not only does cosmetic dentistry improve your dental appearance, but it also protects against future dental problems. For instance, dental crowns will prevent your damaged teeth from worsening. Additionally, dental implants protect your gums and jaw bone from damage.

Final Word

There’s no reason for you to hide your smile around people because of your teeth. The current dental technology through cosmetic dentistry now provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to dealing with your insecurities and improving your lifestyle.

Paul Petersen