How Beneficial Is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

 How Beneficial Is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Pelvic floor therapy has its entire focus on the lower back and the pelvic regions of an individual. They majorly aim at coordinating floor muscle movements. The pelvic floor muscles act as a hammock of muscles that connects the pubic bone to the tailbone and sidewise as well. The floor muscles of women help support the bladder, colon, and uterus and the men’s muscles hold the bladder, bowel, and prostrate. The rectum and urethra in both men and women pass through this pelvic floor to ensure the movement of the contents from inside the body to the outside. These muscles can function better with floor therapy and here are how they are helpful.


The therapy will help you out with urinary leakage, pain, urgency, frequency, difficulty in stopping or starting urination, and difficulty in emptying the bladder. Urinary incontinence is normally described as unwanted urine leakage during the day or the nighttime. The therapists you are seeing will be developing special treatment programs to help you gain control over these symptoms. As a result of these, your need for medication and surgery will be reduced remarkably. They will be working as a movement expert and will use hands-on care, exercise therapies, and education as well.


Patients who have been suffering from stool or fecal incontinence find physical floor therapy to be extremely helpful. This releases them of the pain or strain which they experience during bowel movements.

Pain during intercourse

There can be multiple reasons that can lead to pain during intercourse. This must be evaluated by a physician and only then you can be referred to a physical therapist. However, the therapy will both reduce and eliminate the pain. The treatment techniques will be safe and gentle. This pain normally arises in a series of interconnected muscles, nerves, bones, skin, tissues, and joints. The therapy will increase blood flow in these regions and thus decreases the pain sensitivity.

General pelvic pain

There can be multiple issues associated with why pelvic pain arise. But pelvic floor therapy can help improve the pain in the genital and the rectal regions. There can be options like manual therapy, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, exercise programs, or behavioral education based on the symptoms you display.

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