Marijuana Withdrawal Timeline and Marijuana Detox Options in Dallas

 Marijuana Withdrawal Timeline and Marijuana Detox Options in Dallas

When marijuana users attempt to stop using the substance abruptly, they experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are signs of marijuana addiction. Withdrawal is described by the APA as a syndrome that emerges upon cessation of prolonged, excessive ingestion of a drug with symptoms varying depending on the substance but often include behavioral, physiological, and cognitive traits.

Drug abuse can cause withdrawal symptoms that range from mild pain to anguish that might be life-threatening. Regardless of the substance abused, withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable; therefore, it’s better to get care from a professional rehab center. These facilities’ clinicians will monitor the patient during withdrawal to ensure their safety and well-being.

Marijuana Withdrawal Timeline

How long it took to get dependent on marijuana and how much was regularly used affects how long it takes to recuperate from withdrawal. Marijuana users who take it infrequently or for brief periods may have short-lived withdrawal symptoms.

People who consume marijuana often or in large doses can have withdrawal symptoms that are more intense and last longer. Most individuals suffer withdrawal symptoms in the first week following discontinuing use, which may last to between 10 days and two weeks. It is quite uncommon for marijuana withdrawal to last longer than 2 months.

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Although the withdrawal symptoms from marijuana are not as bad as those from other opioids, they may nevertheless be quite painful. The amount of marijuana misuse impacts both the intensity and length of withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms include:

  • Sweating
  • Stomach pains
  • Trembling
  • high body temperature.
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Suicidal ideation

The withdrawal process can be prolonged because delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary component of marijuana that produces its effects, can stay in the body for weeks. Some marijuana symptoms of withdrawal might last for weeks or months at a time.  Former marijuana abusers reported having trouble sleeping and having strange dreams for a minimum of 45 days after stopping the drug, according to a meta-analysis of 19 studies. These signs and symptoms could be a part of a condition known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).

The results of this research provide credence to the notion that starting treatment as soon as possible for detox increases an individual’s likelihood of long-term success in abstaining from marijuana.

Seek Help from a Reputable Rehab Center

Seek help if you or a beloved one is going through marijuana addiction. At our marijuana addiction treatment center, our founders and a majority of our addiction specialists have personally undergone the process of recovery. They are familiar with the difficulties of addiction rehabilitation from personal experience.

Skyward Treatment Center is a reputed drug detox center in Dallas in which you can have the withdrawal process professionally supervised. Following detox, we’ll collaborate with you to develop a treatment regimen customized to your unique needs. Our experts are available and prepared to help you or a beloved one with any problems you may have with drug abuse. Call or visit Skyward Center to speak with an addiction expert for emergency support.

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