In which cases is it not advisable to consume turmeric?

Turmeric is a condiment or spice widely used in the cuisine of Southeast Asia, where the plant from which it comes is native: curcuma longa, from the Zingiberaceae family. Actually, it is from its root that we extract the powder. Its multiple benefits have led to its consumption being spread practically all over the world, […]Read More

Train Your Mind and Body at The Same Time!

An ancient Indian practice has been building itself into people’s fitness and wellness regimes globally. Yoga is characterized as an activity to achieve relaxation, get fitter or have a spiritual experience. However, in the last five years yoga has undoubtedly become widely popular, with yoga studios opening everywhere and gyms including group yoga classes in […]Read More

A New Approach to Treating Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can lead to permanent changes in the body and damage that is irreversible. The type of alcohol and how much the individual drinks can establish how much damage happened. With alcoholics, there are more factors to examine when creating a care plan. Following a new approach to treating alcohol addiction might be the […]Read More

Possible Benefits of CBD for Skincare

Cannabidiol seems to be the word of the day lately. It’s the topic of scientific studies, medical reports, news stories, and everyday conversation. It’s also a controversial subject in some circles. Regardless of the inherent negativity surrounding CBD, it’s piquing plenty of people’s interest. While a number of people turn to CBD-based products for relief […]Read More

Herbalife Nutrition Highlights Snacking Benefits and Methods

There are many reasons we snack throughout the day. It can be out of boredom, or we can be hungry because we skipped a meal. Herbalife Nutrition can help you plan and prepare for healthy snacking throughout the day. What you choose will be dependent on the goals you have. For instance, if you are […]Read More

What Role Does Herd Immunity Play in a Pandemic?

2020 began with an unknown disease termed as ‘novel coronavirus’ (COVID-19). Although the first half of the year is over and the virus has affected millions across the globe, there are still several questions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last six months, almost every country in the world was under lockdown, intending to limit […]Read More

Is this the Best Solution for Weight Loss?

  Globally, there are over two billion people who are overweight, which is a huge growth from 857 million reported in 1980. What is more distressing is that most of the efforts that are used to address the problem are not effective. However, a solution might be already here following the discovery that cannabidiol (CBD) […]Read More


If you are confused with the difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules, you might need to know more about CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that is commonly found in cannabis plants like hemp. It’s popular for developing an individual’s overall state. CBD provides equilibrium to the internal processes of the body, by […]Read More

Improve The Look Of Your Nose And Eyelids

These days, facial features can be easily changed. That is also the case with eyelids and nose, and these procedures are known as rhinoplasty procedure and eyelid surgery procedure. After these surgeries, the results that you achieve will be permanent. Your face will have the look that you wanted, as it will be more balanced, […]Read More

How to Get Rid Of Acne Scars & Fade Pigmentation

If you have successfully fought acne scars and come out triumphant, it may feel like you have won a battle. However, so many blemishes leave noticeable, permanent scars on the face and other parts of the body. There are various reasons for treating acne ranging from social, emotional, and physical goals.Noticeable scars and patches of […]Read More