Delta 8: What You Need To Know

 Delta 8: What You Need To Know

We would like to introduce a product that has been proven to help people with their inner-unrest. This product is known for its Selling quality delta-8 products. After months researching different ways to produce the best and highest quality cannabis, we’ve come up with this new, groundbreaking formula which we call Delta 8.

What is it?

Delta 8 Marijuana has many benefits over traditional marijuana. First, it does not have the same side effects of dizziness and lack of coordination that are common in regular marijuana use for some people when too much THC is consumed in a short period of time or if taken orally instead of smoked (most oral THC passes through your liver before entering your bloodstream). This is because Delta 8 Marijuana has a high concentration of CBD that counteracts many of the negative effects of THC in your body.

Second, Delta 8 Marijuana has a THC/CBD ratio which is balanced to 10:1, meaning that 10% of the buds are 20% THC and 80% are 20% CBD. However, even more importantly, it is all natural and produced by our American family farms who have been growing cannabis for over 15 years. We are proud to offer you the highest quality cannabis product that won’t make you feel any different than when you were smoking or eating it before.

Third, Delta 8 Marijuana isn’t full of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Our family farms have been growing cannabis since they migrated from the old country and have brought with them generations of knowledge to grow ultra-safe and high quality plants. You can now enjoy truly organic marijuana, and rest assured that while our product uses only organic materials, we do not use the USDA/CSA organic stamp on any of our products.


Buds of cannabis sativa (Delta 8 proprietary strain) grown in naturally fertilized soil, with some water and sunshine. Nothing else is added to Delta 8 Marijuana except for a small amount of ethanol during the final processing step.

Delta 8 Marijuana contains the same amount of CBD and THC as our original cannabis strain, but it has a higher concentration of CBD than that strain.

Why does this product exist?

Many medical marijuana patients have been looking for a product to help them deal with their psychotropic disorders without having to smoke or ingest other psychoactive substances. Delta 8 Marijuana products were developed to address this need by combining the low-THC (less than 1%) strains available on the market with a high potency of CBD that counters many of the negative effects of THC in your body. In addition, unlike many other extracts on the market, Delta 8 Marijuana does not contain pesticides or harmful chemicals.

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