Should You Get Dentures or Dental Implants in Willowbrook?

 Should You Get Dentures or Dental Implants in Willowbrook?

Despite the stigma attached to this condition, missing some or all of one’s adult teeth is really a pretty normal occurrence. hard to believe? Well, 1 in 4 persons over the age of 75 are missing all of their teeth, and approximately 72% of adults in the 35–44 age range have at least one missing tooth. The figures are genuine. Finding a solution that works for you and your needs while addressing the issue of tooth loss is crucial. Although tooth loss is not something to be ashamed of, ignoring the issue can have detrimental effects on your oral and general health. Need help?  See an implants periodontist today.

Why are exposed gums bad news?

In general, your gums are highly susceptible to a variety of health problems when they are exposed. Food particles can quickly become lodged in and around exposed gums, leaving your mouth open to dangerous germs that could later cause periodontitis, which has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. When there are spaces between your teeth, your teeth have the chance to move and fill up the space left by a lost tooth, which can have an impact on the shape of your jaw.

As your teeth move, your jaw structure moves with them, creating an unstable jaw bone that is more susceptible to the harmful effects of periodontitis, including tooth decay, bone loss, and potentially subsequent tooth loss. If you don’t take care of oral health issues, they will likely worsen, like with other difficulties in life. The use of dentures and dental implants are two potential solutions to these issues.

What are dentures?

You’ve probably heard of dentures at some point, but in case you haven’t, they are removable fake teeth that can be used to replace a full or partial set of missing teeth. Dentures are more frequently used to replace full sets of teeth than a single tooth here and there because they are typically sold in sets. 

Final thoughts:

Dentures can occasionally slide around in your mouth and become uncomfortable because they depend on the shaky base of your gum tissue. Additionally, because they are ineffective at holding your jawbone in place, it may continue to move, worsening the situation. This means that if you need to have a replacement or undergo corrective jaw surgery, the long-term cost savings of dentures may be lost. Still not sure why you should go for implants? See a periodontist today.

Clare Louise